The Most Enjoyable Journey

As Sam looked around him at the flat, dusty vista, he felt his stomach sink. He was up a creek without a paddle, or in this case, on a road, without a gas station for hundreds of miles.

It was as he was fruitlessly trying the ignition one more time that he heard salvation. As he hopped out of his car he saw the dust cloud swirling behind a car flying down the road. He was astonished when the car stopped in response to his waving arms. He was even more astonished when he looked into the car and saw the driver was the woman of his wet dreams.

Entering the car, he was greeted with a gust of air conditioning but he felt himself getting hotter nonetheless. He tried telling himself it was just embarrassment but he knew it had more to do with the jean skirt the driver was wearing. It was riding up her thighs slightly as she drove and he could not take his eyes off of the shadows between her smooth thighs. He tried to shift his focus but his eyes were immediately drawn to her breasts, pert and unencumbered, he could see the nipples through the thin shirt she was wearing.

As they drove, they talked, only to discover they were both heading to the New Haven music festival. He tried to hide his growing erection with his hands but this served only to draw her eyes to it. He watched as her nipples hardened and her breathing accelerated. Before he knew what was happening she had taken his hand and placed it against her crotch. As his finger slipped past her panties to her wetness, her hand moved from the steering wheel to his zipper. As soon as she slid it down, his cock sprang forward, painfully hard and pressing against his boxers. He slipped his fingers into her and pressed in just the right spot as she began panting and moaning lightly. With one hand she stroked up and down his bulging penis as she haphazardly steered onto the side of road.

Never stopping her stroking of his cock, she undid her seatbelt and twisted around on her seat. Before he could say anything, her wet mouth was on him. Her mouth followed the motion of her hands as she stroked up and down, up and down. His cock was painfully hard and he thought he would explode. She stopped for just a second as she leveraged herself over the center console to straddle him. Her skirt riding up revealed the smooth, perfect roundness of her ass. As she pulled aside her panties he grabbed her ass as she smoothly lowered herself onto his dick, taking all of him deep inside of her. She rode him agonizingly slowly at first but quickly accelerated. As he felt her tight, wet muscles clutching around his cock he could hear her butt cheeks slapping against his thigh as her round breasts bounced inches below his face. As he drew closer and closer to coming, her panting became more frantic and her pace increased until as she began moaning, sending him over the edge so he came with a guttural scream and a gush.

As they both returned to earth, they smiled at each other, knowing they would be heading to New Haven together.

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