How to cope with bad days



Not every day is going to be a good day and you may as well realize that from the start. The other day I had a really bad day at Tooting escorts from It started when the police knocked on the door first thing in the morning. I had just got into my boudoir when they knocked on the door. Apparently they were looking for my landlord. I told him that I had not seen him for months and had tried to get hold of him. It sounded like he was in a lot of trouble and I promised to let them know if he turned up.


When I went into the kitchen to turn on the espresso machine, it exploded in a puff of smoke. It was not funny at all really and all of the electrics in the apartment tripped out. My first date of the day was due to turn up ten minutes later and now the entire apartment smelt like it had been on fire. Hastily I opened all of the windows to let some fresh air. It did not make a lot of difference but at least it smelt a bit better. My date took it in his stride and laughed at my troubles.


Around lunch time I was desperately hungry and decided to pop out to McDonalds for lunch. It is not the sort of thing I normally do when I work for Tooting escorts, but the morning had got me stressed. I felt that I needed something to eat and hoped that it would calm my nerves. As I went to pay, I tore the £10 I was going to pay with. I sort of lifted it out of my wallet and it got caught on something. Tomorrow I will have to make a trip to the bank to see if I can get in sorted out.


At the end of the day I needed to pop in to Boots for some new nail polish as I was running short of my favourite number 7 colour. In order to get into Boots I had to walk over one of those things with all of the holes in it. It kind of looks like a grill. Anyway I had not really changed and was still wearing my Tooting escorts stilettos. You are not going to believe this but I actually got the heel caught and a gentleman had to help me to get it out. I felt such a fool standing there.


When I finally got home from Tooting escorts, I took a shower, put my pyjamas on and sat down on my sofa. I figured that if I stayed there covered up under my blanket nothing else could happen. After a little while my boss from Tooting escorts called and asked me if I had a good day. He wanted me to do some extra hours. I told him of everything that had happened and explained that I was not leaving my sofa today. He laughed and said that he would be around with a bottle of wine a bit later. Well, at least I would have a good finish to the day.



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